Fire Ant Season Begins in East Texas Yards

East Texans are hitting the stores to improve their yards. They're looking for things to make their plants grow, and their pests die. And the biggest pest of this year; fire ants.

"They're really spreading a lot quicker than they have in the past." says T. C. Waln,  Lowes' Store Manager in Longview. That means fire ant baits and poisons are selling quicker than in years past. Some are for spot treatments. Others, like the new "Over and Out" cover the whole yard. "It's a product that you only have to apply a couple of times a year. So it's one of the better products out. It's a ground application. Spread it on and basically it should take care of your problem."

Dennis Smith, with the Texas Co-Operative Extension, says every year he receives numerous calls about fire ants. "We've got the perfect environment for them in the springtime. We've got good moisture, good warm weather these are the two things which fire ants really thrive." He says controlling the problem isn't always about what you use, as how you use it. He recommends the Texas Two Step Method, a wide spread bait, followed by spot treatments. "By broadcasting the bait, within five to seven days it's already done it's job. They've taken it in, fed it to the queen and the mound is slowly starting to die."

The Texas Co-Operative Extension Service has a web site full of fire ant advice. You can find it from by clicking on the Know More on 7 icon on the homepage. There, you'll see a link for fire ant fighting tips.