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12/28/07- East Texas

Gas Prices Predicted To Reach All-Time High

They jumped overnight and it's only expected to get worse.

"No telling what price it'll be tomorrow," said Shirley Graham, concerned driver.

"I drive 70 miles a day so it impacts me a lot," said Janice Tutt. 

"It'll certainly effect our budget county-wide," said Bill Stoudt, Gregg County judge. 

Judge Stoudt said the increase will have East Texas counties reviewing budgets.

"We operate a lot of vehicles for law enforcement and road repair that we'll certainly be looking at for our budgets. Industry, I'm sure, will do the same thing cause there's a lot of traffic in East Texas these days, especially from a lot of service industries."

Higher gas prices drove consumer inflation up by the largest amount in more than two years in November, costing you more for things like clothes, prescription drugs, and air-fare.

"Grocery stores are going up on everything. Everything's going up," said Tutt.

"It's really hard for people on fixed-incomes to be able to afford it," said Graham. 

The average price of unleaded gas, nationally, is predicted to rise to about $3.75 a gallon by the spring.

"I guess it's because of international problems with certain countries," said Pedro Rodriguez. 

"We're living in a very fragile world right now and there's a lot of dangerous places that provide a lot of oil for us that we have to deal with," said Stoudt.

In the meantime, many East Texans are trying to cut costs elsewhere.

"Something somewhere has got to stop the price increase, it's killing us," said Graham. 

"The more we can figure out how to be more self-reliant and utilize our own resources I think the better we'll be," said Stoudt.

Analysts blame the increase on refineries trying to get more supplies for the peak summer season.

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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