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12/26/07 - Rolling Meadows

Strikes Of Lightning Causes Two Tanks To Explode

You probably woke up to some thunder this morning, as parts of East Texas got some heavy rain and lightning, which caused two explosions. The explosions happened off FM 2087 near Meadows Lane. That's just between Longview and Kilgore. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley talks to an East Texan who saw it all.  

"I was laying my baby down for a nap and I heard the lightning and I heard another explosion and it shook the windows in my house," said Amanda Latham. It was a frightening lightning experience for Latham as blazing flames and black smoke filled the air, right outside her home. "Something shot up into the air and it made this horrible noise. It looked like a bomb had gone off across the street. I just dialed 911," said Latham. Immediately after her 911 call, Kilgore fire fighters were on the scene of two explosions in the area, one on the east side of Rolling Meadows and one on the West side. "It was a small storm cell  that came through this morning. The lightning from it hit the tanks and they exploded," said Kilgore Battalion Chief Danny Downing. "I was expecting a chain reaction because, I knew there were oil wells and gas wells over there. I didn't know if I should get my baby and leave or, if I even had time to leave," said Latham. The power of the lightning blew up two distalent tanks, which holds by products of crude oil, leaving debris everywhere. Thankfully, no one was hurt. "Thank God everybody is ok. It was a pretty crazy experience after Christmas," says Latham. A crazy experience that could have been worst but fortunately turned out ok.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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