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12/26/2007-East Texas

After Christmas Holiday Returns & Shopping

It didn't fit, you already had one, or it was just plain wrong. Wednesday kicked off that other holiday rush:The race to the return counter. 

We all get them -- the oversized tacky sweater from your great aunt or the "Gee, how nice, but what is it for?" gift from the neighbor. Christmas presents we can't wait to return.

An eBay survey said 83% of adults received a gift they don't like.

"We had a lot of heavy traffic, even with the weather it was still just tons of people," said Shannon Baker, Executive Team Leader at Target.

 "I am returning a television that I got the wrong one," said John, returning gift at Target "Was this a Christmas gift? Yes I had purchased it for my daughter and it was the wrong one. So I am returning it and getting a different one. You know which one your getting? Yes, with a DVD player."

"Wrong thing, or doesn't work, or too many. We get a lot of duplicates or things like that," said Jessica McGuire, Best Buy Customer Service Specialist.

Whatever the reason for your returns, retailers want to make sure you know what your getting into. Some of their suggestions:Wait a few days to return for smaller crowds, but not too long because many stores limit the time allowed. Also, know the store's return policy before you head there and be aware that some stores have restocking fees on electronics.

"Digital cameras, laptops, GPS, radar detectors. If those things are not defective and are opened charge 15% restocking fee," said Jessica McGuire.

One last tip. Return tracking, know who gave you the gift because many stores can look up and find the receipt through the debit, credit or gift card used.

Suggestions that will help you get something bigger and better, and with after the Christmas deals. Could put some extra money in your pocket.

Many retailers expect gift card purchases in the next few weeks to make up for low holiday sales. Gift card sales are only recorded when the cards are redeemed.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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