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12/25/07 - Marshall

East Texans Pack Theaters To See "The Great Debaters"

With lines as far as the eye could see, it was no surprise that the movie "The Great Debaters" had been selling tickets like crazy.

So, now that that the movie is finally here , is the movie all that East Texans thought it would be? 

"I looked forward to the movie and it was everything I thought it would be," said Nellie Todd. 

"I just like that it had all the information about Wiley College that I didn't know," said Chloe Hodge. 

"I am a graduate of Wiley so, I was pulling for Wiley all the time in the movie. It turned out just how I would have liked it to be," says Roosevelt Washington. 

With characters like Academy award winner Denzel Washington and East Texas' own Forest Whitacker, "The Great Debaters" was definitely a movie that not only had star power but a since of history.

"Oh, I enjoyed it. It was so much history in the movie.  I was surprise that it would be so much and I enjoyed the debate. That's what I really enjoyed," says Todd.

 "I liked the references to literature since I teach literature. It was just very inspiring to me," said Alice Allen. 

Although, they're not professional critics, movie goers we talked to gave the movie two "thumbs up." 

Marshall cinema tells KLTV compared to other movie ticket sells, "The Great Debaters" has sold the most tickets in advance, selling more 200 tickets.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com.

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