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12/25/2007-Smith County

Behind The Plates: Volunteers Serving At Salvation Army On Christmas

It's the season for giving. The Salvation Army served it's annual Christmas dinner for the homeless, senior citizens, and those in need. KLTV 7 went along and spoke with some of those behind the scenes workers that make giving on this special day all the more sweet.

They are scattered around the room, nearly invisible, and that's the way they want to be. Volunteers sharing a smile or a warm plate of food. They're people that don't want the credit, and shied away from the camera. We convinced one young family, the Andersons, to share with you their Christmas of giving.

"This is the first thing we are doing today this is our first beginning of our Christmas day is giving," said David Anderson, Salvation Army Volunteer, "We wanted our family to have an educational and rewarding time an opportunity to be able to give of our time and of our self and not just focus on receiving."

The children: Andrew, Jonathan, and Daniel were good helpers and seem to truly understand why they were there.

"It's not all about getting for Christmas it is about giving so we wanted to give," said Andrew Anderson, Age 9, "Homeless children need to be blessed because we are blessed and we want homeless children to be blessed as we are."

"It is something that is very rewarding and we are proud to just be here and serve and something we'll do for years to come," said Kelli Anderson, Salvation Army Volunteer. 

David and Kelli say it's a lesson they learned as kids: to focus out instead of in. A sort of motto for everyone at serving at The Salvation Army.

"We have plenty and there are a lot of people who don't," Chuck Robinson, Salvation Army Volunteer for over 10 years, "We started bringing our kids when they were little just to teach them to give back to somebody else. It's part of our thanksgiving tradition and our Christmas tradition to come down here."

"It if wasn't for our many many volunteers we wouldn't be able to put on a meal of this magnitude. It takes a lot of volunteers, a lot of volunteer hours. Every job that goes on here is very important," said Linda Edwards, Salvation Army, Director of Communications.

You pull it all together and what do you get? "Love. You get love," said Edwards.

Love and blessings shared for all East Texans.

The Salvation Army also thanked the many local businesses that donate goods and services . They said without their help they wouldn't be able to serve the East Texas community so well.

Danielle Capper, Reporting


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