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Man Gets Four-Legged Christmas Present He Received Three Years Ago... Again

Fate, is the only word to describe how one Longview man is getting the exact same Christmas present he did three years ago.  Gene Eitelman thought he'd never see his Boston Terrier, Sam, again, but little did he know, somehow they'd be back together.

You wouldn't know it now, but less than a month ago Gene Eitelman and his dog, Sam, hadn't seen each other in more than a year.

"The Lord brought him back to me," said Eitelman.  Eitelman got little Sam three years ago as a Christmas present from his brother.  The two were inseparable until Sam disappeared.

"I took some trash some out, and he's always by my feet, never leaves, but I walked back inside my house and he wasn't there," said Eitelman.  "I noticed something was wrong and I quickly went back outside and Sam was gone."  Eitelman put up fliers, checked the Longview Animal Shelter and walked his neighborhood streets, but never saw Sam again.  That is, until just a couple weeks ago, when he says something told him to open the newspaper, and there it was, a picture of Sam.

"Whenever I saw it in the paper, I just kind of jumped back, and I looked, and I thought 'no way' cause he had this expression, that I saw in the paper that he always had," said Eitelman.  The ad was placed by Laurie Morgan who works with GotPaws?, a dog rescue and adoption organization.  Laurie says she has a soft spot for Boston Terriers and when she saw Sam, or "Ricky Bobby" as her family called him, she knew she had to save him just a day before he was set to be euthanized.

"The only person that called was Gene Eitelman, and he said [Sam] has like a funny-shaped foot, and when he said that I knew it was his dog," said Morgan.  Sure enough, it was Sam, and the two were reunited.

"When [Gene] came to my door, the dog went crazy, you know he was just like running in circles, running in and out the door," said Morgan.  Vet records show the little dog had been to Mississippi, Shreveport, and amazingly, back to Longview just in the nick of time for Christmas.

"In all honesty, you know the Lord just knew that I missed him, dearly, and I think he brought him backed to me," said Eitelman.

Right now, Eitelman says Sam is having to take it easy because he's getting treatment for heart worms.

Tracy Watler, Reporting.

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