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12/21/07 - Ore City

East Texas Family Takes Care of Soldiers Son While They Fight In The War

They've been fighting in the war in Iraq for nearly a year making the ultimate sacrifice. And now the family of two East Texas soldiers is making a sacrifice of their own by giving lots of love to a special little boy. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley, has the story.

Aiden Daniel is like any typical 1-year old. He likes to play and is dearly loved by his family. The only thing that's missing is his parents Danny and Desire who are Marines fighting in the war. 

"When he turned six months old Desire was called to duty to join her unit and she called us and said, Mom you have  to come get the baby. I have 10 days to get ready to go," said Cindy Gutierrez. "It was live changing to have a little baby in the house again. My 19-year-old daughter Meghan has really stepped up and acted like MaMa. Meghan, Desire's sister takes care of Aiden everyday and makes a sacrifice to care for her nephew. "I took a semester off  from college and I had to quit my job to take care of Aiden because my mom couldn't do it by herself," said Megan Gutierrez, Aiden's aunt. For the Gutierrez family they say taking care of Aiden is blessing. The only thing they worry about is how many of the milestones his parents are missing. "Little things like first steps, and first teeth, and all the first that come with having a new baby. Whenever we talk to them we try to keep them positive and tell them to stay focus because they're in a dangerous place and they need not to worry about their son because he's going to be taken care of no matter what,"said Gutierrez. Taken care of with love that the Gutierrez family wouldn't trade no matter what. "It just means the world to me to have Aiden here with us. It's a blessing in disguise. "That's our sacrifice, is letting Danny and Desire go and serve our country." 

 LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com 

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