Families of Organ Donors Make Life from Death

The death of a loved one is not easy for any family to face, but two East Texas families turned their loss into a positive by donating their loved ones' organs.

The families got a chance to meet the organ recipients Sunday afternoon during the"Annual Donor Family Recognition Ceremony."

The Southwest Transplant Alliance hosts the event each year to remember donors who died before their time.

The annual ceremony also is a way for families to celebrate the lives their loved ones saved after their death.

"I think its very exciting to see something good come out of something bad," said Jaimie Leach with Southwest Transplant Alliance. "And you know I think it sometimes helps the families that have lost someone to meet the people that their loved one has helped to go on living."

Two donors remembered Sunday were 34-year old Holly Simmons whose kidney saved the life of a 33-year old Jacksonville woman and 26-year old Cecil Harlow whose kidneys went to a Lindale woman.