West Tyler Woman Sexually Assaulted Inside Her Home

A Tyler woman in her 60s became the second victim of sexual assault in just the last five days.

The victim lived on the 2800 block of West Erwin in Crossroads Apartments. Police say a man kicked in her door around 10:30 Saturday, threatened her with a knife and sexually assaulted her.

The suspect took off with the woman's purse, but he left some evidence behind.

"We did recover a knife that may have belonged to the suspect," said Officer Chris Moore with Tyler Police Department.

The victim went to a neighbors house to call police after the attack.

Police are not sure if Saturday's sexual assault is linked to a sexual assault and an attempted sexual assault that occurred earlier this month in South Tyler.

"Its going to be really hard to know," said Officer Moore. "The victim was in her bed when this happened and was rather surprised and could not give us a very good description."

Police say the victim was unable to determine the suspect's race because he wore dark clothing and a ski mask.

The suspect's method of entry, kicking in a door, is similar to an attack that happened at Autumn Glen apartments two weeks ago. Police say if evidence in any of the cases match then they will know if one person is responsible for multiple attacks.

The victim was treated at East Texas Medical Center and released.