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12/19/07 - Sabine

Sabine Siblings Winning Matching MVPs

Sabine sophomore Noah Jackson has already started collecting awards this season. Two weeks ago, he was named the MVP of the Harleton tournament. His family bragging rights lasted all the way until he got home and found out his older sister Samantha, was also named MVP of the Sabine Tournament the same day.

"My mom texted me," Samantha remembers. "I was pretty excited, that was pretty cool."

It's a friendly family rivalry, the two have been playing for the last seven years. Samantha knows as the older sister, she had to set the example.

"Our dad's been the one who helped us through the years," she said, "and my brother learned from me what not to do to make my dad mad."

The two siblings know each other's strengths and weakness. The bigger Noah helped Samantha with post moves, and Sam would show him her shot.

"We would play HORSE," she laughed. "I would beat him all the time."

"She'd always beat me," Noah agreed, "it would always irritate me."

With two top athletes in the same family, there's always a bit of trash talk to be had.

"I got sixteen points," Samantha laughs, "what did you get? Oh, I got seventeen. Dang you!"

 "I always wanted to be kind of like her," Noah said, pausing for a moment.

"Except not as short."

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