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12/19/07- Marshall

Alleged Killer of East Texas Business Owner Is Back In East Texas

Tonight, reaction from an East Texas family, now that police have the alleged killer of their family member in custody. Orlando Flores has been booked into jail on capital murder charges under the name Carlos Cruz-Lorea. Apparently that's his real name. Police say they caught Cruz-Lorea when he was arrested on shoplifting charges in Houston. Cruz-Lorea is accused of strangling and brutally beating 27-year-old Homero Hernnadez to death in November, in Marshall. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley talks to Homero's family about the arrest.  

For Norma Moreno and Maria Hernnadez it was business as usual at Homero's restaurant. Only this time they're at peace knowing that the man who's accused of killing Homero is behind bars. "It brings a lot of closure to us just knowing that he's caught and another family doesn't have to got through this, especially at Christmas time," said Norma Moreno, Hernandez sister. Terri Hordern eats at Homero's restaurant  twice a week and she and others who knew Homero say the capture of his killer is good news for Marshall and justice for his family. "They're good people, they're all good people and it kind of touched all of our lives here in East Texas," said Terri Hordern. "Everybody loved him. Everybody knows him so, he really will be missed a lot,"said Ever Murillo, Homero's best friend.  As for Cruz-Lorea the town of Marshall is safer that he's off the streets and can't hurt anyone else. "That was one of my fears is that he was out there hurting someone else and for the first time since November 11th, I got to sleep last night,"said Anta Hitt. "I think Homero is smiling down on us just knowing that he was caught. Caught and hopefully for the Homero's family sake, locked up for good.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. 

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