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12/19/2007-East Texas

Food Bank Shortage

Food donations all across the nation are down. The East Texas Food Bank has 900,000 pounds less of nationally donated food than normal. Those involved attribute the drop to changes in the food industry saying they are much better at packaging and efficiency. So the kinds of foods that would come to food banks like overages and damaged packages just aren't not coming in the volumes they have in the past.

"Fortunately here in East Texas we have been able to make up and grow distribution. We have local donations that are up and we are also purchasing a lot more food," said Robert Bush, East Texas Food Bank, "A donor's dollar can actually help provide eight meals. We take that resource and go and find food all across the country."

They just want to remind you. To give a little more this year, if you can.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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