Wet and Wild Attraction Premieres In Athens

There's a new attraction at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens that's geared toward wildlife lovers and educators.

The new Wetlands Trail premiered Saturday. The trail is about 43 acres of man-made habitats that support everything from fast-leaping frogs to slow on their feet turtles.

"Guests are going to see what would be replicas, but very very realistic ones of beaver ponds, duck ponds and frog ponds," said Margie Ranc with Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center. Not to mention, a man-made beehive, wetland trees and flowers.

Funded mostly by private companies and built by volunteers, the $200,000 trail is giving homes back to a few water-loving animals who lost their natural habitat a few years ago.

Athen's original wetlands were destroyed when new highways were constructed. The new trail is expected to bring wetland wildlife back into the area.

If you want to visit the trail and Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, it's lcoated on FM 2495 in Athens. For more information, you can call 903-676-2277.