Kilgore Annual Celtic Heritage Festival Teaches History

The sound of bagpipes is being heard over the next 2 days in Kilgore with the arrival of the annual Celtic Heritage Festival.

The 2 day event features a little of everything... Celtic folk music... Wares of all kinds... Games for the kids including a golf of course... And even knights fighting in full armor.

From authentic combat to the various sights and sounds, practically everybody who showed up was part of some clan.  Whole families turned out wearing the familiar tam and kilt, patterns that identify what clan your from.

People from all over the southwest have come to Kilgore to be part of this Celtic Heritage Festival and to have their names counted among the clans.

With all the pageantry of old Scotland, a grand march was held, and as the pipes passed in review, all the clans represented were recognized.

For many who share the heritage, its important to keep where they came from alive. It's still a source of pride for a people that over time have become so much a part of America