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12/18/07-Baton Rouge, LA

Cirondepity: Black Staying Ground, Prepared For Title Game

Since his days as a Robert E. Lee Red Raider, Ciron Black has grown accustomed to standing at quarterback Matt Flynn's side.

That was the case in 2003 and it is the case in 2007.

The Lee graduate is a left tackle for the LSU Tigers and will be at Matt's left side during the BCS National title game.

The Tigers were back on the practice field Tuesday. The title game against Ohio State is just 19 days away. KLTV 7 Sports Director Maya Golden spoke to Ciron by phone and asked what it feels like to be in this once in a lifetime position.

"Right now, we're kind of living the dream," Ciron said. "We've got so many people wanting to talk to us about (the championship) and right now we're just trying to stay grounded. We've got a lot ahead of us before the 7th."

"Everybody is hitting a little harder, running a little faster. Everybody has got a little more energy because we have this big game ahead of us."

"Me and Matt always know where it started, in Tyler Texas, born and raised. All the thanks to (Tyler), we wouldn't be anything without them."

Ciron and Matt will play in the BCS National Championship game in New Orleans, January 7th.

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