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Smoking Ordinance Re-Evaluated By New Task Force

Mike Caccitolo has owned Sam's Deli in Tyler for just a few months.

"We have a small group of smokers that come in and we cater to them at this time," said Mike.

Tuesday, the City of Tyler announced they are re-evaluating their smoking ordinance by creating a task force.

"There is probably no issue on which I have received more comments than the smoking issue," said Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber."We have a great combination of business leaders, restaurant owners and medical community that have agreed to serve on this task force."

The task force will look at recent studies like the 2006 Surgeon General report on the health consequences of exposure to secondhand smoke, and the potential toll it takes on your health. The report was prepared by many of the country's leading scientists and public health experts. The full report is more than 600 pages long.

"There have been additional studies and evidence over the last few years of the dangers of second hand smoke we want to look and examine those," said Mayor Seeber. 

When asked if the task force was told to model after any specific city The Mayor responded "We have not asked them to model after anyone. They will look at what other cities are doing take a look at the evidence this group is certainly mindful of business."

While there are many options for the task force, one of them is an across-the board smoking ban. Something Mike Caccitolo says he will support.

"The ban is instituted completely and evenly throughout the City of Tyler than it is fine. But if they are going to make exception for bingo hall or bowling alley," said Mike, "It's the trend of the country. There is no smoking allowed in NYC, No smoking allowed in Chicago."

For now, smokers in Tyler can still light up in some places. But time will tell for how long.

The task force has been asked to work quickly and have a recommendation for the city in February.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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