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YouTube Jump Starts East Texas Film Maker's Career

You can find just about anything on YouTube these days.  Just type in a word and hundreds of videos pop up.  One East Texas film maker decided to take advantage of it and now the film he and his buddies decided to do for fun, is one of the most popular fan films on the Internet.

Travis Boles, 26 of Tyler, has been fascinated with cameras since he was a child.

"I got a camera that allowed me to shoot 24 frames, and when that happened it was game on," said Boles.  A few years ago, Boles says he stumbled upon a tutorial online that showed him how to make light saber effects.  From there evolved Boles' Star War's Fan Film Trilogy idea.

"I thought what if it was just you and your buddies," said Boles.  "What if you were hanging out at the house and a real light saber falls in your lap and hilarity ensues, so I went for it."  Thanks to YouTube, so did thousands of other people across the world.  In one day, Boles says his first film in the trilogy, Three In The Afternoon, got more than 50 thousand hits.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Boles posted his second film, Six In The Evening, online and got a huge response.

"We've had about 13,000 views in a week and a half," said Boles.  "It was just boom, boom, boom, and we got flooded with comments, and we were on the phone freaking out."  The online world is not only taking movies to a virtual audience, but bringing artists together.  Ryan Wieber, who has created special effects on shows like Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy, saw Boles' first film online and knew he had to be apart of it.

"I have sort of been studying light sabers on my own for quite some time," said Wieber.  "Regardless of what you think about Star Wars, light sabers are still really fun and everyone wishes they had one."  It's a fantasy world, filmed right here in East Texas that's now being streamed in homes across the world.

Boles says he will start filming the third film in the trilogy called Nine In The Evening this summer.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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