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12/17/2007-Smith Co.

Disaster Drill Tests Tyler Airport, Air One, and Fire Department

Staying ready for a disaster. ETMC Air One, Tyler Firefighters and Tyler Pounds Regional Airport joined efforts for an emergency drill. A simulated drill with a fire on board Air One. 

"We left with the pretense that we were going to do some training with the Chandler Fire Department," said Mark Stovall, Lead pilot ETMC Air One, but it was cut short, "The initial report was smoke in the cockpit. They told us to make an emergency landing here."

"Rescue 3 proceed to runway 17. Helicopter is landing now," said dispatch.

"We do have injuries on board. We have smoke inhalation on couple victims. Possible left arm. Pilot possible broken ankle and right wrist," said Stovall.

Using their AFT, or Aircraft Rescue Firefighting truck, Tyler fire-fighters had to put out the fire without setting foot outside. Then they attended to the injured.

"It's a plus for all our emergency crews. It gives them another opportunity for coordination," said Davis Dickson, Airport Manager, Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, "One thing we wanted to evaluate here at the airport was how quickly can they respond, and how quickly can they locate the scene."

Each group involved tested different things. The fire department looked at dispatch, response time, overall how they handled the incident.

"We hope that we never have a incident like this but you have to be prepared for it," said Jeff Aiken, Tyler Fire Department.

"An occasion like this is extremely rare but we want to make sure that practice makes perfect in those rare cases," said Dickson.

A rare case that emergency crews are now prepared to help you with.

Each agency has different requirements for doing these mock drills. For the fire department and airport they typically do one functional drill like this per year, other times they do table top exercises and make action plans.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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