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Neighbors React To South Tyler Shooting

SWAT was in place and Tyler Police had their guns drawn.  It was a scene neighbors on one street in Tyler still can't believe was taking shape. 

"I finally went over and talked to a policeman, and he told me there had been a shooting, and I said, where?," said Dorothy King.  Dorothy King didn't know it at the time, but for nearly three hours, police had surrounded her neighbors' home.  They are next door neighbors she and her husband, Richard King said they had come to know as, Frank and Jerrye. 

"They're just great neighbors," said Richard.  "He said he's just shocked that it happened."  Police told KLTV 7 that situation escalated after an argument got out of hand.  Jerrye shot her husband, Frank, one bullet piercing him in the leg, the other in the arm and another grazing him neck.  He escaped to a neighbor's house, and police later discovered her, unconscious, on the floor in the home.  It was a bizarre situation, which took many on the block by surprise. 

"He's working outside all the time, and we talk when I'm outside," said Dorothy.  "He's always asking how we are."  Now many are concerned about the next door neighbors, who over the years, became next door friends.  Dorothy said Jerrye, on several occasions, came to her home, cooked for her and Richard and prayed for them. 

"That's the kind of a lady she was," said Dorothy.

"We just hope and pray that they can return the way that we remember them," said Richard.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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