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Marine Home For One Hour Christmas

A veteran marine corps pilot of four tours in Iraq made a special stop in East Texas Saturday to spend a one hour Christmas with his family.  As an East Texas family watched the skies over East Texas Regional Airport, a marine corps F-18 Hornet Fighter broke through the clouds, the sight they were waiting for.  With a fly-by, Marine Major Select Matthew Walker came home.

"His greatest sacrifice that he makes is for his family and to his family and for that reason if we get to spend only one hour with him, it's very precious to us," said Walker's mother-in-law, Brenda Alexander.  A graduate of LeTourneau University, Walker arranged to refuel in Gregg County, so that he could spend one hour with his family. 

"The job is great, but being gone from your family 6-7 months at a time makes it tough," said Walker.   "Especially, when you leave your boys at five years old and you came back and they are 6 and talk like crazy."  Walker was greeted with hugs and kisses, and his Christmas present, Bodacious Bar-B-Que.

"I can't decide if he wanted to see us more, or taste the Bodacious BBQ," said.  Walker often sacrificed holidays for service to his country.  Today's stop meant a lot to him.

"They've been my support since I started this whole thing, even from LeTourneau through all those days through military," said Walker.  "Through four deployments they've always taken care of me and my wife.  For 60 minutes they talked, listened and caught up, and it meant the world for both sides.

Walker flew his F-18 on to California Saturday to be assigned to his next duty station there.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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