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Pittsburg Principal Keeps Pig Kissing Promise

Educators sometimes have to go to unusual lengths to give kids a little motivation. One such instance from Pittsburg elementary involves a principal, puckering, and pork.

In September, a principal made a deal with the kids at Pittsburg Elementary based on a book she read in class. If the kids read 10,000 books by December, the principal and the assistant principal would kiss a pig.

The kids read over 25-thousand books.

"I'm so proud of our students. We set a goal and they went above and beyond. And you can't ask for anything more," said Pittsburg assistant principal Kelly Moore.

"Well, I was pretty excited I was pretty excited and happy. I couldn't wait to see them kiss the pig," said Pittsburg 2nd grader Grant McGee.

"I made the promise to the kids and they delivered. It had to be a pig, because in the book the principal kissed a pig," said principal Stephanie McConnell.

It was bedlam when the guest of honor arrived, a local farm pig who would not give his name. And to chants of "kiss that pig", the promise was kept. Both McConnell and Moore smooched the swine.

"With all the coarse hair, it just I didn't feel very nice on your lips" Moore said.  

"The look on their faces, it was kind of funny" said McGee.

They worry now how they'll top this challenge. Around 250 Pittsburg second and third graders participated in the reading program, finishing a grand total of 25-thousand-6-hundred and 13 books!

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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