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12/14/07-Owensboro, Indiana

Blood money: Teen gets paid for beating video

An Owensboro, Indiana teen is cashing in on a video he put on You Tube.

Logan Drake is a student at Owensboro Catholic High School and the video shows him taking a beating.      

The video was brought to our attention on Thursday, out of concern for the teen-agers. 14 News spoke with Logan and he says it's all done for fun.

The graphic videos are making Logan Drake and his friends local stars. Logan loves the attention. His classmates say he's known as the crazy video star. "It started out as backyard wrestling in the sixth grade and it kind of escalated to this."  

After taking one beating of the baseball bat lined with thumb tacks, Logan asks for another. And it doesn't stop there. The group known as the "camel toe mafia" takes it to the extreme by beating Logan on the head. "It hurt a little, but it was more scary than anything."

After the beating, Logan didn't go to the hospital, he went to the bank. The web site is paying out top dollar for this and other videos produced by the group. "We've sold three, like, 30-second video clips and we got $500.00, and we're working on a DVD that's coming out in January."

Logan says he came up with the idea to produce videos one day while on the way to a track meet. He says nothing is scripted. Logan says, "We come up with it and send it and if he likes it he buys it. There's a TV show we're talking with right now that's wanting to pay us for some videos."

Logan tells us his parents are aware of his videos. He says he's not worried about getting in trouble, because he says he's not doing anything illegal.

We tried to contact Owensboro Catholic High School principal Harold Staples to get the school's take on the videos. He didn't return WFIE's call.

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