Longview Police Offer Internet Classes for Parents

The Longview Police Department Cyber Crimes Unit is offering training to parents to protect their kids from the risks of the Internet. It's called protecting children online.  Sergeant Mike Hyko teaches parents the basics of web and computer use, and about the warning signs that kids are visiting questionable web sites that can be misleading., or could be a potential victim of a pedophile. There are definite warning signs, such as children spending long amounts of time on the net, pornography found on computers, unidentified phone calls and receiving gifts from unknown sources. Hyko says that the class will focus on do's and don'ts for parents who are concerned. The information super highway has its dangerous lanes, but this training will hopefully help parents and children drive safely. All parents who are interested in more information are asked to call the Womens center of East Texas, who will organize classes in connection with the Longview police department, at 903-234-8331.