Family Believes Death Is Suspicious

"We haven't heard a thing back from the police," says Yuvonda Kennedy. "They didn't even let us identify his body when they got it out of the pond."

Yuvonda's brother, 21 year old Bobby Jones was found nearly a week after he broke into an elderly couple's home. The Taylors refuse to let Jones into their home despite a plea for help. That's when Jones kicked in the door and attacked the couple. Despite a search by authorities, Jones was never seen again until his body surfaced one week later. Longtime friend Sophia Harkey doesn't believe his death was an accident, "If he was in his right mind enough to ask for help," she says. "He would be in his right mind enough to not go into that pond."

"The pond is electrically fenced in. It has woods all around," says Sister Yuvonda. "I don't think he wondered into the pond. I think somebody put him in there."

Investigator Robert Cromley says a friend who was with Jones prior to breaking into the elderly couples home says he was doing drugs, "All she knew was he was acting real paranoid like everybody was out to get him...people were chasing him."

That's when he ended up at the Taylor's home, and the mystery of how he died begins.

Until investigators have toxicology and autopsy results, they won't know if Jones was intoxicated or the official cause of death.