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Seniors Get Hooked On Nintendo Wii Craze

For the techno savvy shopper to the day-to-day video gamer, the Nintendo Wii is just one of this year's hot items.  But as lines of Wii wanters surround electronic stores, the gamer's console is gaining popularity among a whole new crowd. 

We hooked up a Wii at Prestige Estates, an assisted living community in Tyler. And after a little assistance, we soon discovered Wii-wannabe's could potentially become a bit more mature.

"I had no idea a video game could be so much fun," said Anita Dent, also known as "Memaw".  She said she had never played a video game before. 

"Boy, I was tightened up, trying to do it, but it was fun," said Juanita Boen, another resident.

It's the kind of fun staff members said their residents and other seniors can benefit from. 

"It gives them the opportunity to be active with a video game system.  Not the ones you usually sit down with, with a remote," said Kristy Redman, the owner of Prestige Estates.   "It gets them up, it gets them moving."

And when it comes to seniors, Dr. Chad McNeil with Azalea Orthopedics in Tyler said staying active and staying mobile is definitely a benefit, by any means. 

"Keeping the range of motion through your shoulders, your elbows, your wrists, your neck--many of the games incorporate large movements," Dr. McNeil said. 

They're movements he said help maintain range of motion, balance, and improve coordination--things which keep seniors healthy.

"They tell me they break a nice sweat actually playing some of these games, and that's very comforting to hear," Dr. McNeil said. 

It's bringing out the competitors and a new generation of video game players.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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