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A Better East Texas: Grades Before Games

Today's parents realize one of the most enticing distractions to school work is video games. One man in Dallas has found a way to attack this problem at the source, at the store, where the games are sold. And here's the best part, it's the game store owner who's leading the attack!

A Gamestop in the Dallas area requires a kid to prove they're making the grade at school before they can acquire a game at his store. And if they perform well, he'll give them a discount. I can tell you as a businessman that he is taking a substantial risk placing these standards on his young customers.

After all I'm sure there are other game stores who could care less about the impact they're having on our children's education. But this is an innovative solution of turning a potential problem into an enticing incentive for kids to do well in school. I'd encourage all game stores in east Texas to do the same. And parents, as you do your Christmas shopping I encourage you to support video game stores that help make this a better east Texas by applying the same standards for their young customers.

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