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12/12/2007-Wood County

New Details In Shooting Deaths Of Mother And Teenage Son

All options are still open in the shooting deaths of an East Texas mother and son. 

KLTV 7 first told you Tuesday about Nicole Payne and Austin Wages, who were found shot to death in their home near Quitman.

Authorities released more information from the scene. 35 year old Nicole Payne and her son 16 year old Austin Wages were found shot in two separate rooms in their home.

"What we have found so far is multiple weapons found in the house. There was one weapon in a room with one of the subjects but we do not know at this time if it was the weapon used in the shooting," said Wood County Sheriff Dwaine Daugherty.

Authorities haven't ruled out if one of the deceased committed the crime or if a suspect is on the loose. No note was found or any other evidence to believe it was premeditated.

"It could be a homicide or murder-suicide. That is the only two aspects that it could be but we have no way of knowing until we get the tests back from the lab," said Daugherty, "It could be a lot of things right now. We do not want to rush this. We want to make sure we are right and should know a lot more in just a few days."

At Quitman High School Principal Denny Lind remembers Austin as a respectful young many like by his peers, "The hardest thing for these kids is that in classes today there is an empty chair."

"He was a child that a lot of our students respected and it was hard on many of them. We are grieving and we are trying to do whatever we can do to help the family out. Education is very important to us but in a situation like this education takes a back seat," said Lind.

Authorities say the family had just moved here six months ago from Nacogdoches and had two other young children. The father says at the time of the shooting one was at school and the other with him.

"We are talking with the families. Interviewing some of the neighbors try to get information if they know of any problem that arose at that residence. So we are just trying to connect everything together. Connecting pieces to a puzzle that still seems very confusing," said Daugherty. 

Now the bodies have been sent to Dallas for autopsy, and the family has not made funeral arrangements.

The Wood County Sheriff's Department said they are working with the Texas Rangers.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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