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Kids And Pets Extra Vulnerable To Accidents During The Holidays

Decking the halls with bows of holiday cheer is just one way some East Texans make their homes full of the holiday spirit.  But while tinsel and bells help make the holidays swell, they could pose problems for those closest to us.

"Whenever you hang a decoration, whenever you put up a tree, make sure those things are protected from your children," said Earnest Stroupe with Trinity Mother Frances Hospital.  Stroupe works in the emergency room at Mother Frances.  He said during this, and every other holiday, parents should be extra cautious.

"Any kind of small ornaments, parts of ornaments, parts of decorations that are in the reach of a small child, could present a choking hazard," he said.   That's why he recommends keeping decorations out of the reach of kids, especially decorations that are sharp and could potentially cut children.  And when it comes to trees and other large items, making sure they are properly secured can help reduce the risk of serious injuries, he said.  "Those are the things we see from time to time--things where you have something that's pulled down on top of a child," he said.

But kids aren't the only ones you have to worry about.   "This is a favorite time of the year for us, but it brings a lot of new risks into the house for our dogs and cats," said Dr. Paul Gainer, a veterinarian with Flint Veterinary Clinic.  He said those risks can bring on a new set of pet problems.

Holiday foods, such as chocolate, can be toxic to dogs.  And festive plants, like poinsettias and mistletoe, are also poisonous.  Certain decorations, electrical cords, and ornaments can be deadly chew toys for pets.

"You just have to be very observant, and baby-sit your animals a lot closer," said Gainer.  It's vigilance which helps make sure our two and four-legged loved ones have a happy holiday.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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