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12/11/07- Smith County

Pet Killer In East Texas Neighborhood

Karen Richardson was at home last week when she said someone shot and killed her 4-year old Labrador "Aggie."

"All of a sudden I heard three shots and her yelp," said Richardson.  "I yelled and ran down the steps and then she just started coming to me real slow.  She'd stop and then she'd just kind of crawl until she got back to the house."

Lakeway Harbor residents said "Aggie" is just the latest target of a pet killer in their neighborhood.

"Everybody's afraid to let their dogs out," said Gene Moody, concerned neighbor.  "This person is a low-life. Anybody that would shoot a dog is a low-life."

Yet Richardson said it's not just dogs that are being killed.

"I walked down toward the pier and there was a cat in a plastic bag that was floated up." 

Until this person is caught, neighbors said they worry what or who else could be hit in the line of fire.

"Somebody who is shooting a rifle could not only shoot a dog or a cat but could also shoot a kid or a person, it's dangerous," said Moody. 

The Smith County Sheriff's Department said whoever is responsible could face felony "animal cruelty charges." Still, residents said no punishment will be great enough to bring back what they've already lost.

"It's not going to bring Aggie back but he needs to stop it before someone else gets hurt," said Richardson. 

If the person responsible is caught, he or she could face two years in jail.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  

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