Attack Suspect Found Drowned in Area Pond

Investigators say they have no clues as to why a Pittsburg man in a fit of rage attacked an elderly Upshur County couple. On Saturday April 5th, Pete and Sue Taylor answered their front door to find a young man kneeling and pleading for help. Seventy six year old Pete Taylor sensed something was wrong and closed the door. Then police say Twenty one year old Bobby Jones smashed down their door and began beating the elderly couple. He attacked Sue Taylor on the porch, threatening to kill her, and when Mr. Taylor came at him with a large stick he fled the scene. A description by the couple led police to believe Jones was the culprit. They searched the area for Jones for several days but found nothing. Tuesday, Jones body was spotted by a landowner in an area pond, over a week after the attack Jones body was sent to a forensic lab in Dallas for autopsy.