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Veteran Remembers Battle Of The Bulge

An East Texas veteran is remembering December for a pivotal battle in World War II that he was apart of.  In December of 1944 the Battle of Bastogne took place.  Most remember it as the Battle of the Bulge.  Doctor Hilton Head, 85 remembers all too well how in 1944 his 101st screaming eagles airborne division was holding a quiet front on the Ardennes Forest in World War II , when they were hit by a German Juggernaut.

"We didn't even have ammunition for our guns,"said Head.  "I didn't have any machine gun ammunition, we run into the Germans, first day had a hell of a firefight."  A massive offensive involving 300,000 German troops roared through allied lines, surrounding Heads division in the small Belgian town of Bastogne.

"I was scared," said Head.  "I won't lie about that, I was scared just like everybody else."  Confusion was rampant, as German commandos wearing American uniforms and speaking English, infiltrated behind the lines.

"We were warned to keep a sharp lookout and challenge anybody we didn't recognize," said Head.  The Germans demanded surrender, but commanding General Anthony McCauliffe offered a famous one word response, Nuts.

"We all heard he said nuts," said Head.  "We were all of one mind.  We didn't aim to back up, there was no backing up in the 101st."  The German's were eventually stopped, and Head believes he survived Bastogne for a reason, to heal others.

"I really think it was Gods will," said Head.  "I truly believe that he brought me home for this purpose.

Doctor Head is still a practicing chiropractor with an office near Liberty City.  He fought from D-Day to the fall of Germany with the 101st airborne, and is a purple heart recipient.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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