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12/09/07- Tyler

Allegations Against East Texas Assisted Senior Living Home

Strong allegations against a large senior living facility in East Texas.  Activists with the Campaign to Improve Assisted Living were at Atria Willow Park in Tyler Sunday.  They claim the facility has a history of fire citations, and senior residents are unsafe and could not evacuate in case of a fire emergency.  The activists were asked to leave, after trying to distribute fire extinguishers in Atria Willow Park's main office Sunday.

"For the past five years they've been cited by the state for fire evacuations problems," said Campaign to Improve Assisted Living Organizer Jennifer Valentin.   "At Atria Copeland they had serious medical errors and unsanitary kitchen conditions, which is very dangerous for residents. These are seniors who live in this facility.  They've paid a lot of money for these facilities and they deserve better."

In response, Atria Senior Living said the allegations are false and recent visits by the Department of Health confirm that.  They go on to say this is a publicity stunt to frighten residents and harm their reputation.

Now, KLTV 7 could not verify these claims as officials are off on Sunday, but we will follow up with this story.

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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