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Kids Trade Birthday Presents For Troops

Two East Texas boys say no to presents on their birthday's, and ask for presents for our troops instead.  In an act of unselfishness, 6 year old's Blaine Woods and Gregory Boudreau surprised many at St. Mary's Catholic Church by asking to forgo a birthday party, and buy gifts for our troops.

"Many soldiers have died and some of them are still overseas," said Blaine.

"Both of them have been extremely excited about it, and so I'm proud of him to be willing to do something like that," said Blaine's mother Amanda Woods.  For his December 29th birthday, Blaine and his friend Gregory asked his family and church to buy presents for the troops and not themselves.

"I was really impressed that a 6 year old could understand that it was important not to get presents. for when he has so much to be grateful for to begin with," said Gregory's mother Joann Boudreau.  Their selfless act has touched many in the community that have family serving.

"We were honored, surprised and grateful," said Jennie Mattheis, who's husband is serving in Iraq.  "I've never heard of this happening before."  The boys asked church members and the community to give games, stationary, snacks and even Christmas cards for the troops, and they gave the troops their own message .

"Thank you for fighting for us and letting us have freedom," said Blaine.

"I want to wish them a Merry Christmas and hope they come back soon," said Gregory.  The boys hope to send gifts to more than 100 soldiers.  The gifts will be taken to Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport on Monday, and then sent to the troops.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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