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How Tyler's Snow Hill Is Created

Piece by piece, crews screw together a 100-foot long ramp.  You'd think they were creating a skate park, but really it's the base to what becomes a winter wonderland.

"Right now we're steadying these top deck boards that will make a flat form on top, for individuals to stand up and walk on before they go down the tubing hill," said Operations Executive Jacob Lehmann with Texas Snowfest.

It's a winter slip and slide, if you will.  Sheets of snow cover the ramp, turning it into a real snow hill kids young and old can "tube" down.

"We have machines that we run ice through. It'll powder the ice when it goes through the hopper. We have a four-inch discharge hose, it'll hit the ground, look just like snow," Jacob said.

And snow it is so, just like snow, it melts ... especially on days like Friday.

"[We have] 160,000 pounds if we need it, if we need it," said Debbie Isham with Tyler Parks and Recreation.

That's how many block of ice crews had to put on reserve; because, while they didn't plan on getting any help from real snow, they also didn't shoot for 71 degree weather either.

"We've got a few tricks for keeping it cold and keeping it on the hill," Jacob said.

That includes constantly packing the hill with fresh snow, but they said it's all so you get the real experience.

"The little kids that had never seen snow before, their faces will just light up. They're gonna have fun," Debbie said.

And it seems only in Texas, with temperatures in the 70's, could we turn a cold metal ramp into a white winter wonderland.

Tracy Watler, Reporting.


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