Big Sandy Student Aces SAT Test

High school students often get stressed during SAT time. What score they make on the SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, can often determine what college they attend.

Stephen Kiepke, a senior at Big Sandy High School, will now get his pick of the best universities.

He scored a 1600 on his SAT, a feat accomplished by only one out of 2200 students who take the test. Stephen is the first student in Big Sandy to score perfectly. He's the only senior in Big Sandy High School history to ace the test.

He said last minute cramming is not the way to study for the SAT. His studying started early in life. As a first grader he was an accelerated reader and started reading through dictionaries and encyclopedias.

"Most of my preparation was really long term," he said. "I would be in academic contests and I'd get the knowledge I'd need for those things, and that helped me on the SAT."

Stephen is considering the University of Texas at Austin and UT-Tyler. He plans to major in English and teach high school students.