Disaster Averted as Propane Truck Runs Off Road

It was nearly a disaster had it not been for quick thinking and a lot of luck. A tanker truck loaded with propane blows a tire and careens off the road.

It happened around two on Tuesday afternoon on Highway 69 just North of F.M. 346. That's near Bullard. Billy Thorpe of Martin Gas in Kilgore was headed southbound, his tanker had 9,000 gallons of LP gas on board. The right front tire blew and the truck left the road; but Thorpe managed to bring it to a stop upright just 100 feet from a creek.

Jon Hargett witnessed the event;  "It was really loud, I had just gone around him in the right lane when his tire did go out, it shook my car. Being a tanker truck, I wanted to make sure everything was ok, that's why I saw him ride it into the ditch."

Had the truck been just a hundred feet ahead, it might have tumbled off a bridge. No one was hurt, and none of the gas leaked from the tanker.