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Champion Celtic Fiddler Performs In Longview

A Bronx born daughter of Irish immigrants took center stage in Longview tonight, performing a style of music that may be unfamiliar to most of us. But it is catching the ear of more and more listeners.

Celtic fiddle is reaching a growing audience, and performer Eileen Ivers is proof.

"I think Celtic music is really music of the people. It's the story of what the people have gone through, " said Ivers.

Ivers has won 9 all-Ireland fiddle championships. At Letourneau University's Belcher center, she is performing an Irish Christmas.

"Irish music ... I think so many people can identify with it because it sounds familiar. And a lot of Celtic music has influenced our own music in blue grass and Appalachian music. Irish music has really seen a resurgence in audience, and kids wanting to learn the music and learn the Irish dancing" she said.

There's an almost light-hearted delivery of her music.

"It's a very honest music and it's from the soul. It's fun to get the audience singing along, stamping along. And, who knows? They might even dance a little" Ivers said.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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