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2 South Tyler Apartments, 2 Days, And 2 Shootings

It was a quiet evening that, once again, turned violent. 

Rebekah Murray lives Meadowbrook Apartments and said she was watching television when she heard the shots.  "I was thinking they were shots across the way to Waterford, or something."
Waterford Apartments is a complex next door to Meadowbrook where another shooting took place Monday night.  

Rebekah said she soon realized the shots she heard came from an apartment just down the sidewalk from her own.  "I thought I heard someone screaming, help," she said.  "So I went ahead and cracked the door open and, by golly, I did." 

First, there was a struggle, and then gun fire.  One young man was left with a gun shot wound in his stomach.  His father was also shot in the chin, and another man was shot in the leg, police said.

And now a neighborhood has been shaken.  Some residents said two shootings at two different apartment complexes in just two days are just too much to handle, and it's forcing them from their homes.

"We heard gunshots, Monday night right across the way here, and then this happened," said Amber Rhoten, who lives at Meadowbrook.  "It's just too close for comfort."  She said last night's shooting is nothing out of the ordinary.  "I've been here two years and we've seen several drug busts going on back there.  You'll be sitting here watching TV, and the next thing you know, there's 15 cop cars."

They're sights and sounds, she said, she'd much rather avoid.  "It's pretty sad that you can't feel safe in your own neighborhood, but we're ready to move.  We don't feel safe here at all anymore." 

And as police piece together the clues, residents like Amber and Rebekah are searching for peace of mind.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.  llivingston@kltv.com


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