Paralyzed Lindale Cheerleader Walks Again

Lindale Junior Sidney Crews sits in her third period class Tuesday morning, studying. What she's doing doesn't look all that difficult. But just a few days ago, it would have been impossible.

Earlier this month, Sidney was severely injured during cheerleader practice. She was one of three girls lifting another cheerleader into the air. "We were bringing her down slowly, and she fell. And I fell back and hit my neck on a little girl's knee. And after that I don't remember."

Sidney was paralyzed from the neck down. She recalls seeing people hold her hand in the hospital, but not feeling their touch.

"They had to keep me in there until I felt something. They couldn't put me on any pain medicine or anything so they could see when my feeling started coming back."

Today, Sidney is back. She's back in class, sitting, talking, and walking. "Right now, I can't do as much as I want to do, but it beats laying in the bed not being able to move or being able to walk."

One goal has kept Sidney focussed and confident. She was a starter on the Lindale Varsity Softball Team, and she wants to get back on the diamond. Right now, her rehabilitation is limited to arm exercises and light walking. But she hopes it won't be too long until she returns to playing form.

"It bothers me. I go and I watch and I support my team. I mean you don't just quit just because you get hurt. I know it happened. It's going to happen to more people. I mean, it could happen to me again. I don't know. You can't look at it, well I'm not going to do that again because that happened. Anything's going to happen."

With a lot of determination and a heart of hope, Sidney knows anything, even miracles, can happen.