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Car Slams Into East Texas Store Window

If handling the holiday rush wasn't enough, now an East Texas business has a giant hole in the front of its store.  Around 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning, a car slammed into the front window of Sweet Gourmet located on South Broadway in Tyler.  That's in the French Quarter Shopping Center.  Police say two people were sent to the hospital, including an infant, but no one was seriously injured.  Although they are staying positive, those involved know it could have been a lot worse.  

It started off like almost every morning.  Pam Gabriel opened her store for another day of holiday shopping, only to close it again after a car slammed through her front window.  It's not Gabriel's typical customer, but the silver Jaguar found its way inside the Sweet Gourmet store. Lora Arnold was getting in her car when she heard the crash.

"I was in my car about to start it up when I heard this horrible crash," said Arnold.  "Apparently, that was the crash that went through the column of the building, and then following that I looked over and saw the car slam into the store front, going through the window."

"It shook our walls in the back of the building," said Gabriel.  Both Gabriel and Arnold say their first thought was the driver mistook her gas pedal for the break.  It's exactly what police say the 69 year old female driver told them happened.  Even though what was once a beautiful holiday display is now a pile of trash, Gabriel says she's just glad no one inside or outside the store was hurt.

"I guess she was in a big hurry to get some candy, but everything will be back in order hopefully in a couple of hours," said Gabriel.  Just this time, with a slightly different view.

After some cleaning, the Sweet Gourmet is back open.  Gabriel does ask that everyone be patient with the ply wood they now have up in the store in place of their window.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.

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