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East Texan Celebrates 106th Birthday

It was a birthday party for Eva Johnson. Dozens of family member surrounded her for this milestone: she's 106 years old.

She's lived through the Great Depression, two world wars, and a myriad of social revolutions right here in East Texas.

"We love her and are still happy to have her around after all these years," said Debra Pinke Gibson, Eva's Grandaughter.

Mamma Eva as she's know, came from a big family, and had a big family of her own. She raised 14 children in the East Texas area.

"It was a lot of them, lot of kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, always someone going in and out," said Marcia Johns, Eva's Great-niece, "When my mom would bring us to the country it seemed like a long ways away but they all lived kinda close together. I remember how she would cook certain things."

"Potato pie. We love to eat her potato pie. And I remember drinking milk at her house. She wanted make sure we are eating healthy Debra Pinke Gibson, Grand Daughter

Eva was someone her family described as constantly moving, never sitting down.

"She was always running around doing something cooking, washing or cooking something for the next meal," said Marcia.

"She loved to play with us all the time. She always invented games for us to do all the time," Debra Pinke Gibson, Grand daughter, "My grandmother was always very energetic. She still is energetic and today her multitude of family members including four generations celebrated with her this milestone."

"She is one of the people in life that is really blessed. Not many people get to live to this old so she is really one of the lucky ones," said Brandon Berry, Eva's Great Great Grandson.

In a birthday letter from Governor Perry Eva was thanked for living a full life through things that most can only read about.

Eva says she feels pretty good and joked with family members before the party not to tell people how old she is.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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