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South Tyler Apartment Crimes Have Police On High Alert

Shattered windows and an apartment littered with bullet holes, that's what police discovered after a shooting at the Waterford Park Apartments on Paluxy.  No one was injured, but neighbors are still concerned. 

"I wouldn't really say that I'm afraid of living here, but I'm very cautious about it," said nearby resident, Mandy Vinson.  

Vinson lives just yards from where the shooting happened and said incidents like Monday night's shooting are, unfortunately, common. 

"I've been out here several times at night with the dogs in the front yard and [have] seen police cars go in there, so I know there is a lot of police activity."  

Those activities are what the Tyler Police Department is working to get a handle on.  Police have divided all the apartment complexes in the city into 6 zones, or "beats."  The majority apartments in the city are located in South Tyler. 

According to reports, most of the calls appear to originate from a particular area in beat 6--just east of South Broadway, and south of Loop 323.  During the first half of the year, police responded to more than 1,200 calls from apartments in the South East Tyler area--249 of those responses were at Waterford Park alone.

"There are some complexes on Paluxy that we respond to more frequently than others," said Officer Don Martin with Tyler Police.  "Patrol will be more active in that area." 

In an area where kids are going to school and development is on the rise, the safety of the community is a top priority, he said. 

"If there is a problem, then we identify that problem and we do what ever it takes to eliminate the problem, regardless of where it occurs," said Martin

And it's all in hopes that more residents are able to live safely in peace.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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