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12/05/07- East Texas

Health Officials Ensure Proper Storage Of Vaccinations

Each year thousands of children have to roll up their sleeves and be revaccinated. This, due to temperature-cooling problems with the vaccines. Wednesday KLTV 7 spoke to local health officials about this.

The Centers for Disease Control said hundreds of thousands of vaccines are ruined nation-wide because of poor refrigeration. Children are then left unprotected against dangerous diseases.

But East Texas health officials say they enforce strict regulations and safeguards to ensure vaccines for our kids are stored at the proper temperatures.

"The protocols are in place and stories like this are good to remind us to be diligent in that," said Brenda Elrod, Environmental Health Director with Northeast Texas Public Health District.  "What we'll do is send out a little reminder note to all of our providers and remind them of the critical need to do this and be sure there're not any problems."

Local health officials said there's no need for East Texas children to be re vaccinated.

Courtney Lane, reporting

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