Chapel Hill Students Make the Mark on TAAS Test

A Chapel Hill High School Principal held a pep rally of a different sort Monday afternoon.

Gregg Wright, principal of Chapel Hill High School, pulled his students into the gymnasium to reveal just how well his sophomore class did on the T.A.A.S. test.

The TAAS, or Texas Assessment of Academic Skills test, measures how well students across the state are faring in reading, writing, and math.

Tenth graders at Chapel Hill High School cheered as principal Gregg Wright revealed their record breaking scores at Monday's rally.

The Sophomores scored in the ninetieth percentile on all three T.A.A.S. categories. They're the first class in Chapel Hill history to receive a "recognized rating."

As a group, they scored 98% in reading, 94% in writing and 95% in math.

The students were only two percentage points away from receiving an exemplary rating.

The T.A.A.S. test also evaluates the performance of African-American, Hispanic, white and economically disadvantaged students at each school. Test-takers in each subgroup scored well above the 90th percentile, except for one 88 percent score in the economically disadvantaged reading group.

"We're very proud of the fact that these scores are almost exemplary," said principal Gregg Wright. "They're only two percentage points away from being exemplary scores."

Teachers held T.A.A.S. camps after school, tutorials and practice tests to prepare the Sophomores.

"They pushed us hard," said Sophomore Barbara Davenport.  "They push us to an extent where we don't think we can do it, but then we end up on the test day, saying it was easy."

The kids broke their schools all-time record of 266 total points on the TAAS with a total of 287.  They will awarded with a trip to Six Flags on a school day.