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12/04/07- Gilmer

New Video Of Football Brawl In Gilmer To Be Investigated

She thought she'd be recording a victory celebration but Erin Kennedy said when the final score was announced, it turned chaotic. As seen from new video, several Roosevelt players bombarded the Gilmer team, swinging at players and even punching a Gilmer coach.

"Their team just stormed it," said Kennedy.  "Stormed our side and it was bad."

Police, even fans, ran to the field to help.

"You see some of the Gilmer fans crawling over trying to help get our players into the locker rooms and get to safety," said Kennedy. 

"I was scared for them," said Samantha Henderson, Gilmer High school senior.  "I was hoping they wouldn't mess their chance up."

But fans' fears were put to ease when the Buckeyes followed coaches orders and left the field.

"They did a great job," said Rick Albritton, Gilmer ISD Superintendent.  "They didn't respond in any form and I'm very proud of them."

"We're really proud of our team and I think everyone gets to see why because they're really classy, even for high school boys who tend to want to fight, they kept their cool," said Kennedy. 

UIL officials said Dallas ISD is conducting an internal investigation. After receiving a phone call Tuesday morning, Albritton said he's confident Dallas ISD will take the appropriate action.

"When he saw the video he said it was very un-called for," said Albritton. "He apologized to me, wanted to make sure I sent that apology on to our kids, and was very professional. There again, he said Dallas ISD was looking into it and wanted to assure me of that."

In the meantime, the Gilmer buckeyes are staying focused on moving forward to the state championships. The Gilmer buckeyes will play Abilene-Wylie in the semi-final this coming Saturday.

Courtney lane, Reporting.

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