Botox Approved by FDA for Cosmetic Use

Sabrina Covin wants to put her best face forward, so she has turned to the help of botox to turn back the hands of time.

"My frown lines were so deep I thought it made me look old. I wanted something that was going to get rid of the wrinkles. I looked like I was frowning all the time," she says.

Tiny injections of botulism type A - which causes food poisoning - does the trick.

"It is almost like instant gratification within two to three days they are gone and you are only having a little stick of the needle," says Covin who has been getting botox done for months. "The first time I had it done it lasted about three months the second time it lasted a little longer and this last time I could tell it lasted about six months since I had it done."

Sabrina has not had any problems but there can be minimal risks notes her doctor Ron Davis.

"This is the number on cosmetic procedure being performed at this time and the reactions tend to be minimal some bruising swelling, transient headaches nothing really sever has been reported with any frequency at all," says Dr. Davis.

Some patients have experienced something called pt from the procedure. If the botox leaks to an undesirable area while it is being injected around the eye it can cause a temporary droopy eye look, but many doctors says they can counter the unattractive effects if it does happen.

When a person gets a botox treatment they are injected with a needle that goes into the skin to pierce the muscle. The botox paralyzes the muscle so it can not move. As you get stuck with the needle there may be a little blood, but a cold compress stops it quickly.

Once the procedure is done though, Sabrina does facial exercises to make sure the botulism goes into all the muscles. And afterwards she says the results are all anyone can see. "People notice a difference. My children say oh mom what have you done, or someone will say you look really different you look really refreshed you look relaxed."