New "Gluco Watch" Promises Big Changes For Diabetics

Imagine if a wrist watch could check your blood sugar levels without the needles. Today, a product advertised to do just that is on sale. But, does it live up to its promise?

Dr. Meg Reitmeyer, an Endocrinologist with Trinity Clinic, says her patients have already been asking for what's called the "Gluco Watch Biographer." The watch, isn't just a time saver, it's a pain saver.

"It sends a small electrical current that measures the glucose under the skin and you wear it like a watch on the wrist," explains Dr. Reitmeyer.

The "Biographer" takes a reading every twenty minutes over a twelve hour period through two sensors sitting on the skin. The watch will beep if sugar levels are too high or too low. When twelve hours is up, you change the sensors and start over again.

For someone like Todd Dunnahoe, the painful stick of a needle every four hours is a necessary nuisance. "Usually I check it before I eat breakfast, before I eat lunch," explains Todd, "and before I eat dinner."

But Dr. Reitmeyer says all the ticks aren't out of the watch yet, "You're still supposed to check your blood sugar at routine intervals and correlate that with what the watch says."

While the Gluco Watch sounds enticing, it's the first of its kind and still needs some fine tuning. Skin perspiration can also alter the results of the watch. Written in fine print on the "Gluco Watch" web site, it says you must use this product along with the traditional finger stick test. So, for about six hundred dollars, you can buy the watch, but you're still stuck with a needle.