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Holiday Shipping and Packing Advice

Holiday Packing Advice

1. Do Use materials the professionals use like buble cushioning and packaging "peanuts" to protect your gifts.

2. Do Include a label on the inside of your package with both the destination address and the package's return address

3. Do Use a shipping option that provides a package tracking number.

4. Do Take batteries out of toys, electronics, ect. before shipping

5. Don't wrap boxes in brown paper or tie with a string.

6. Don't use old boxes or gift boxes for shipping

7. Don't use materials like newspaper or real popcorn to pack items

8. Don't ship perfume or cologne since they are considered hazardous materials

Other Points to Remember

Because Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year, ship packages for arrival by Monday, December 24.

You can ship as late as December 22 for delivery on December 24.

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