Tax Return Deadline Comes Early

If you plan on running to the post office at 11:30 Monday night to mail your tax return, you need to re-think your plan. All of the post offices in East Texas will be closed by then. The early closings could catch many last minute filers by surprise.

The Postal Service says they've noticed fewer and fewer people making the mad dash in the late night hours to pay the tax man over the past few years. They say some of that is due to the increase in E-Filing.

But obviously, many Americans, like Jerrel Alexander, still prefer the stamp and paper return to the virtual 1040. "It's just custom. I never even thought about the E-Filing. I never did." Instead, Alexander joined the hundreds of other East Texans who trekked to the nearest Post Office to drop off his annual greeting card to Uncle Sam.

Tyler Resident Jimmy Jones says he waited until today to file on purpose. "Well, if I owe them, I'm always going to wait until the last day." Others, like Daisy McKellen, didn't. "Well, I just procrastinated, I guess. Like most people who wait until the last minute, I wasn't in a hurry."

It was a steady flow in and out of the doors of Tyler's Main Post Office Monday. But Post Master Fred Arrambidez says it's still not as much in previous years. "Especially with the mail as we were picking it up at the curb, you could tell that in years past the late droppers have decreased quite a bit. That's one of the reasons why this year we decided to just make the cut off at 8:00"

The nearest post office open past 8 pm is in Dallas. Which means if you can't file a full return by then, you can always do what Tyler CPA Lynne Sperry did. "I filed extensions for my family. They're always last on the list."

The Main Post Office on South Mobberly in Longview and the Post Office on MLK in North Tyler are the only stations open past 6 in all of East Texas. If you get there after 8 to drop off your taxes, you might as well gas up the car and hit I-20 to Dallas. The Main Post Office there on the DFW Turnpike stays open until midnight.